Startup Funding Starts Taking Significant Part in Local Venture Capital Industry

Investment sector is still dominating the conventional business

Marsya Nabila - 29 December 2018

The performance of Indonesian venture capital has reached Rp8.13 trillion per October or increased by 18.12% year-on-year. Investment in the conventional sector is still the primadonna, despite the increasing trend which comes from the business support and other sectors in which there's funding for startups and the creative industry.

Based on economic sector review, investment for restaurant and hotel trading is dominating with Rp3.61 trillion. Followed by other sectors of Rp1.07 trillion, and business support for Rp827 million (around 20 percent of total funding).

Business support has increased rapidly compared to the other services by 50% year-on-year. In fact, in October 2017, this sector contributes only Rp551 billion.

Quoted from Kontan, Eddi Danusaputro, Mandiri Capital's CEO explained that business support services and other sectors include technology companies, such as fintech, health, education, agriculture, and e-commerce. In addition, there are creative consulting, design, and digital companies. He also predicts the investment in this sector will keep increasing by next year.

"We're still bullish for next year. We [Mandiri Capital] are still focused on fintech and agritech. In terms of fintech, the one that currently in demand is insurtech, wealth management, and big data," he said.

Jefri R. Sirait, the Chairman of Indonesian Venture and Startup Capital Association (Amvesiondo) mentioned the investment increase was indeed followed by the tourism sector, such as restaurant and hotel. In addition, infrastructure and lifestyle also affect the growth of other tourism business, such as the creative industry engaged in food, fashion, and handicrafts.

"This condition makes the investment and capital demand of entrepreneurs increasing", he explained.

Based on OJK's data, as seen from venture capital performance of business activity types, revenue sharing is dominating with a value of R6.25 trillion and year-on-year growth reaching 26.06%. Followed by share investment of Rp1.38 trillion and convertible bond of Rp484 billion.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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