TCash Starts Shifting from NFC by Introducing Snap QR Code

NFC technology is considered more expensive and required to invest in EDC machines

Kristin Siagian - 28 March 2018

Telkomsel’s e-money service TCash introduces QR Code payment feature after receiving Bank Indonesia’s approval. This feature, at the same time, indicates the shifting of company’s strategy that has been carrying NFC technology (Near Field Communication) for quite some time.

Danu Wicaksana, TCash’s CEO, said that EDC machine for NFC is considered too expensive and less efficient for the company’s business and should be distributed to merchants. The company is in need of a technology more efficient and effective to acquire more users and merchants. Hence the QR code is considered as the better payment method.

TCash has partnered with more than 5,000 merchants, 70% of which use EDC machines to capture transactions from NFC stickers embedded in user’s smartphones. The number of users has reached more than 20 million and it has processed more than 10 million monthly transactions on average.

“This year’s target is 8-10 thousand merchants to join TCash. Most of those will be for the QR Code implementation because it is the most efficient method to acquire merchants and users,” Wicaksono said, Tue (3/27).

The QR Code was first implemented in Pasar Modern Bintaro, then proceed to Pasar Mayestik by the beginning of this year. Of the two locations, TCash has been working with 300 merchants, mostly are SME players.

Furthermore, T-Cash will be massively targeting similar places in other locations along with partnerships between companies and the Jakarta Government to digitize the market using safer and easier digital payment methods.

“Therefore, if you went to Pasar Mayestik paying with TCash, now you can pay using QR Code. This is a form of our commitment to market digitization, later, we will invite small shops to join TCash merchants.”

Other than targeting retails and F&B, TCash also collaborates with transportation services. One of which is Trans Semarang for bus tickets payment with QR Code. The realization will begin next month.

TCash is claimed to be the first fintech company, along with two banks, that have acquired approval from Bank Indonesia (BI) for QR technology implementation. Until recently, QR Code standardization is yet to be available. T-ash joined as a member of the preparation and development team of standardized QR Code for fintech and banking companies in Indonesia.

Provide e-KYC for migration to full service

Along with this announcement, TCash now accommodates e-KYC service that comes with face-to-face validation through a video call. Users only have to fill in the bio, upload ID, take a selfie with the ID (KTP), and make a video call with TCash agent through the app. This service will be officially launched on April 1st, 2018.

Previously, user is required to come to Grapari and fill out documents to upgrade, then wait for at least one day before enjoying the full service.

“Users can now choose to make a video call or come to Grapari for upgrading into full service.”

By upgrading, customers can enjoy T-Cash’s main features of sharing funds (P2P), receiving, and withdrawing cash. The number of cash stored in any application must not over Rp10 million (full user) and Rp1 million for basic users.

TCash provides a variety of bill payment options for TV, internet, BPJS, PLN, PDAM, Halo postpaid, online game voucher purchase, and Telkomsel’s data and balance top-up.

There will be financial products available in the near future, including insurance, loans, and others. It will boost Tcash mission to be a one-stop service for all types of bill payments and non-cash purchases through mobile phones.

“To pamper our customers, we apply zero rates for the app usage. Means customers will be charged of zero data usage for all activities within the app. They only get charged for downloading the app. It’s free afterward,” Wicaksana said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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