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Detail Artikel Transcorp Launched Television Streaming Application MyTrans

Transcorp Launched Television Streaming Application MyTrans

Honestly this application only contains streaming video from two TV channels. The video features still use the Adobe Flash plugin and tend to be very basic. Apart of their streaming feature, they also provide a TV programs schedule. However I still haven’t managed to get it.

For me, this application seems in the early stage and it’s still having poor- features to be released to public. Some features such as video enhancer, full-screen, simple social sharing and other features should be able to add the convenience to the users. However, for now I’ll be waiting for the latest release and some additional features from Agrakom besides streaming and schedule. At least for now, it’s okay for me to watch TV while stuck in traffic jam. 😉

You want to try MyTrans? Try downloading it in the Android Market or click here.


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