Wellness Startups Offer Various Online Activities Amidst the Current Pandemic

Starts from online training class and access to various medical products

Prayogo Ryza - 8 April 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak has refrained people from their routine, forced them to stay at home, even distance themselves from one another. Even though, stay at home doesn't mean you have nothing to do. We can still be well and healthy at home with nutritious food and in-house sport.

Here are some list of wellness startups available to use for those who intend to keep up the wellness and healthiness at home.


wellness content and services at home by Doogether

Since its debut, the startup led by Fauzan Gani has been focused on wellness platform by providing booking access to sport spaces or classes. Amidst the pandemic, Doogether offers Doolive service.

Accessible via page, they offer online wellness activity through live video streaming. It's kind of adjustment for those who intend to keep their training classes going but forced to stay home at this time of the pandemic.

In addition, Doogether also provides Doofood, a service that allows its users to order healthy food through app. Therefore, Doogether can still provide a solution for those who want to consume healthy food along with virtual exercise sessions.


An app under development of The Fit Company, FitCo, can be an option to keep your body healthy at home. The Fit Company, led by Jeff Budiman, has been always committed to providing a healthy and active lifestyle for people.

In the whole ecosystem, FitCo offers some services for its users to stay healthy and active. In terms of exercise, they offer direct booking feature with guidance for exercise sessions. Moreover, there are some supporting features, such as VirtuFit from 20 Fit and Workout From Home.

Healthy food variants and sports equipment online

In addition, FitCo ecosystem is getting better furnished with FitShop that sells various kinds of sports equipment, healthy food, and other basic needs of healthy lifestyle. Last 2019, FitCo has acquired Slim Gourmet to provide FitGourmet, healthy food catering. Thus, FitCo has become a platform with the most complete services for healthy and active lifestyle in Indonesia.

There are also other startups offering similar services to keep up the healthy lifestyle during the stay at home period, such as Lemonilo, the e-commerce that sells healthy food, also healthy food catering, Gorry Gourmet and YummyCorp.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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