Adtech Platform Adsvokat Plans for New Fundraising This Year

Partners up with four clients in the launching day, expecting 60 thousand users this year

Yenny Yusra - 8 March 2018

To support its platform, both on developing news features and achieving growth, Adsvokat, an adtech platform founded by Daniel Tumiwa, plans to raise new funding round this year. Currently running as bootstrap business using personal money and funding from angel investors, Adsvokat focuses to raise Series A fund.

"Previously, we had a meeting with 26 local and global investors. There are currently three investors in a serious appraisal for the next funding round," Daniel Tumiwa, ADSvokat's Co-Founder and Chief ADSvokator, said.

Adsvokat implements O2O (Online-to-offline) concept and starts operating since July 2017. The company already has 100 students as member and four clients. They are Tokopedia, Telkomsel, Clear (Unilever), and BCA.

"Our next target is to have at least 60 thousand adsvokator [Adsvokat users] of student and 60 clients of various brands," he said.

While simple, it's using machine learning

Besides applying selfie to measure the campaign success. Adsvokat also pin an in-app tracker to see adsvokator activities in various medium. Adsvokat utilizes stickers on cars, helmets, smartphones, and clothing as a medium.

"The sticker must match the set criteria for its placement. Ideally, it cannot be combined with other brand's stickers. One adsvokator can choose up to 3 medium from the select brand for a campaign," Achmad M. Usa, Adsvokat's COO, said.

Even with simple technology, Adsvokat claims to use machine learning technology to determine how many student adsvokators interested in existing campaigns and how many supporting products required by each campaign.

"We also ensure the Adsvokat app to minimize battery drain on smartphones. We apply data optimization with a comprehensive compression method. By those means, automatic data procession can be avoided and certainly conserve the phone's battery," Heru Herlambang, Adsvokat's CTO, said.

Referral feature

Using referral feature, by asking 10 friends, to help marketing activities, Adsvokat is positioned as marketing medium that's yet to be developed by other services. As a bridge between brand and users, Adsvokat claims it's a powerful way for offline marketing.

"Impression for the current product is considered small in measurement compared to direct advocacy. Hence  the utilization of referral system to expand the current market activities," Tumiwa said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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