Alpha JWC Ventures Leads Series A Funding for "Target Media Nusantara"

Target Media Nusantara to use it for operational and business development

Prayogo Ryza - 19 November 2018

Target Media Nusantara (TMN), a digital advertising network company, announces Series A funding from Alpha JWC Ventures. The value wasn't mentioned but this time, it'll be fully used for operational and business development.

In term of business, TMN is a part of Focus Media Group, a China-based digital lifestyle media company. Its business includes LCD displays, poster frames, movie theater, and in-store advertising networks.

In Indonesia, TMN started working in mid-2018 bringing a vision to be the market leader for indoor digital advertising sector in Indonesia. TMN provides services in some commercial buildings, such as office buildings, apartments, and hotels. TMN, with 450 billboards attached to 104 buildings in Jabodetabek, has made a record as one of the indoor advertising alternatives in Indonesia. In an effort to maximize potential growth, TMN targets to install 900 screens in 200 Jabodetabek's commercial buildings.

"In replicating Focus Media Group's success in Indonesia, we'll be focused on getting the premium audiences in the market by offering products with high-quality, effective, and capable to reach lots of people," Thomas Chan, Target Media Nusantara's CEO, explained.

He also mentioned according to their current vision, the funding obtained from Alpha JWC Ventures is to be used for operational and business development, including other media channels related to their vision.

"TMN has a vision to be the popular and leading media channel in Indonesia. Therefore, all investment, including Series A funding from Alpha JWC Ventures will be fully used for operational and business development at an early stage. In long term, we are to develop other media channel in synergy along with our vision," he added.

In his statement, TMN did not place itself as a media provider, instead, they act as the communication partner with an understanding of audience behavior, business prospect, and communication market dynamic. TMN intends to provide effective communication solutions for their clients.

TMN is currently developing the latest screen with eyeball tracking analytics. It is capable to record how long a person watches certain parts of an advertisement and the data result will be used for the client's communication strategy and evaluation.

In the meantime, Alpha JWC Ventures is showing their satisfaction in supporting TMN in Indonesia. Chandra Tjan, Alpha JWC Ventures' Co-Founder and Managing Partner, said that he is proud to be the exclusive partner of Focus Media Group in its expansion to Indonesia.

"We're thrilled to be the exclusive and trusted partner of Focus Media Group in its expansion to Indonesia. Thomas Chen has over 25 years of experience in digital advertising and an extensive client network worldwide. Financial and practical assistance from Alpha JWC Ventures, Chan's experience, and support from Focus Media Group are very convincing for TMN to develop further and take over the Indonesian market," he concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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