Already Secured Seed Funding, Wahyoo to Acquire 13 Thousand Warteg

Funding led by Agaeti Ventures and Kinesys Group, Supported by Chapter1 Ventures, SMDV, East Ventures and Rentracks

Randi Eka - 24 July 2019

A startup with digitization and modernization solution for warung (small shop/restaurant) “Wahyoo” announced to secure seed funding. The amount is classified, led by Agaeti Ventures and Kinesys Group. It is also supported by Chapter1 Ventures, SMDV, East Ventures, and Rentracks.

In using the fresh money, Peter Shearer’s startup which was founded in June 2017 is to achieve 13 thousand warung partners by the end of 2019. Previously, they’ve reached 7000 warung tegal (small restaurant) to support and being transformed.

“The fresh funding is to be used for product development and talent acquisition, for Wahyoo can provide better service to all warteg partners and to expand coverage. Currently, our partners still limited to Jakarta. We expect soon to reach all over Jabodetabek,” he said.

Wahyoo‘s main objective is to promote cost efficiency and warteg business development in Indonesia through the technology platform. Some of the examples are the supply chain to help to create a new business model, and Wahyoo Academy workshop program to improve consumer service quality.

Empowerment concept through warung has been developed by some other startups with different approaches. Kudo, for example, transforming warung to become the payment channel for all needs. In addition, Mitra Bukalapak to accommodate goods from warung. Another portfolio of East Ventures, Warung Pintar also presents some warung-based innovations.

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