GO-JEK Acquires Promogo, Delivers GO-VEND and GO-ICE as New Feature

Has been implemented with 50,000 GO-JEK driver-partners

Randi Eka - 18 September 2018

GO-JEK (9/17) announces an acquisition of vehicle advertisement startup Promogo. Both companies are committed for business integration post-acquisition to advertise using GO-CAR and GO-RIDE assets. They will launch GO-ICE and GO-VEND. GO-ICE is for entertainment-in-car products, and GO-VEND is an on-the-go retail service of premium product samples.

"Through Promogo, GO-JEK offers additional income for driver partners, and more comfortable travel experience for customers with the variant of entertainments and facilities by business players, also accommodates them to market their leading products," Nila Marita, GO-JEK's Chief Corporate Affairs, said.

Promogo was founded in early 2016 by Andrew Tanyono. It's started as a car advertising service provider in a form of vehicle-wrap stickers. Tanyono said in a statement that through Promogo ads attached to a vehicle, customers can enjoy some on-the-go entertainment, such as movies, music, mobile charger, Wi-Fi, and news portal. In addition, business players can also provide free samples of brands advertising on Promogo assets for customers to enjoy.

"Innovation in driving experience often happened in the beginning and at the end of the trip. We listened to the customers demand to create more interesting travel experience. Through Promogo, we offer entertainment products in our vehicle, such as GO-ICE, on-the-go retail market GO-VEND, customers can purchase daily needs or get a free sample of popular brands in GO-CAR," he said.

Aside from GO-ICE and GO-VEND, advertisement services offered include car-top (GO-CAR), rear LED (GO-CAR), car wrap (GO-CAR), hang media (GO-CAR), helmet wrap (GO-RIDE), and back billboard (GO-RIDE).

Kapil Baldey Mathrani, GO-JEK's Head of Fleet Monetization, said, "In the current business industry era, the players are trying to reduce operational costs while maintaining the positive image and maximum service to all customers. Furthermore, through our expertise in data and analytics, Promogo can help business have an effective competition in the market."

"To date, there are more than 50,000 partners in Jabodetabek experienced the positive collaboration. Moreover, in order to be more impactful for driver partners, Promogo will connect brands to more than one driver partners in all around Indonesia and build the positive brand exposure within broader coverage with moving-vehicle through digital or traditional branding," he said.

Grab, Go-Jek closest competitor, recently released a similar service called GrabAds. Grab partners with StickEarn, Karta, and Interads to provide car advertising service.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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