Berita Is Government’s Signal to Let Creative Industry Fly even Higher

Rama Mamuaya - 6 October 2014

Good news for Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. has just been officially launched yesterday in Jakarta, after successfully holding a series of roadshow in a number of cities in Indonesia. is an online platform which aims to bridge technology-based startups, investors, media, and stakeholders in Indonesia.

The platform was initiated by a number of industry practitioners who represent each own company, including Doku, Merah Putih Inc, Tees, Infinys, and DailySocial. What makes different is that the platform gets backed up by the Indonesia’s government through the Ministry of Communication and Information, who gives those practitioners its full support instead of letting them go with their own resources.

Regardless on the number of negative perception that the Ministry gets (I can understand why), has the true potential to be an umbrella for startups in Indonesia. Well, since there is no new leadership at the ministry, let’s hope that the people there can focus more on infrastructure as well as technology-based creative industry rather than dealing with pornography and other insignificant matters.

Considering that the technology-based creative industry has contributed so much to Indonesia and seems to keep doing so, it does make sense for the government to be much more serious in establishing the supporting infrastructure to allow those practitioners fly even higher. By government, I don’t only refer to the Ministry of Communication and Information, but also other related departments. While almost everyone in the industry thinks that the government always acts as a stumbling block for their business, offers a brand new perspective on the government’s role in developing this industry. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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