JustCo Coworking Space Plans Business Expansion to Indonesia

Launched three branches, soon to add 2-3 locations in Jakarta

Yenny Yusra - 12 May 2019

After opening two locations in Jakarta, a Singapore-based coworking space, JustCo, opens its third branch in Sequis Tower SCBD, South Jakarta. JustCo is to launch another two in Jakarta.

In the launching, JustCo's Co-Founder and COO, Liu Lu said, Indonesia and Jakarta in particular has been quite a market for coworking space. It was marked by the rise of local and global coworking space.

"JustCo sees Indonesia as a digital nomads and mature market, with the VC and global startups running business in Indonesia. The opportunity is relevant for us to follow the lead in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia."

Currently, JustCo has 17 thousand active users distributed in 30 locations, 8 cities, from Singapore, China, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, and Taiwan. The more branches they got should facilitate the members while having cross-country business travel.

JustCo also has mentoring session for startups to develop business, making use of partners and professionals to help business development.

"Supported by our partners, Gunung Sewu, JustCo aims to facilitate the culture of interaction. In the program involving community, we offer opportunity to members in using professional networks for collaboration, business synergy, insight sharing, or just expanding networks. It also create a better job for everyone," Liu said.

Using data analytics

Established in Singapore, JustCo aims to give more recommendation and offering to the members using big data analytics. Through the current IoT technology by Wi-Fi, JustCo will observe room efficiency, peak office hours, up to facility usage, such as lamp, AC, and others through smart home. It was to be implemented at all locations, including those in Indonesia.

In the future, Lu sees coworking space business will be the most favorite place for entrepreneur and corporate to work. Therefore, they offer various innovations, from co-living, flexible time and space for reservation, and affordable prices. It's supported by people's mindset where working shouldn't have to be at the conventional building, but dynamic and cozy atmosphere with open space and flexibility, includes networking and collaboration.

"In particular, I didn't see much difference of each country, but the current demand of coworking space aren't for entrepreneurs only, but corporate also need temporary space for their business," she added.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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