Midtrans and Supportive Moves for SME Players to Adopt Digital Business

A #SelasaStartup session with Midtrans' CEO, Erwin Tanudjaja

Yenny Yusra - 4 September 2020

As the pioneer of payment gateway services in Indonesia, Midtrans' business journey is quite captivating. Especially now that they have become part of Gojek, sharpening the vision to help SMEs in improving digital services in their business.

In the #SelasaStartup session, Midtrans CEO Erwin Tanudjaja revealed Midtrans' future business plans and focus. Here is the summary:

Positive growth with Gojek

It has been almost two years since Midtrans joined Gojek. This collaboration is acknowledged by the company as enough to increase Midtrans (formerly Veritrans) popularity. As a payment gateway platform, Midtrans has been in charge of supporting businesses in developing payment features on its platform. However, when a strategic collaboration occurs with Gojek, it will open up more opportunities for Midtrans to contribute to SMEs in Indonesia.

"In terms of Midtrans, we are proud to be part of the huge Gojek ecosystem. Not only increasing the number of SME partners but enabling us to accelerate the growth of SMEs in terms of digital payments," Erwin said.

Midtrans, who have been working behind the scenes, adjusted Gojek's plans and business, which is dominated by SMEs. One of those is to speed up and facilitate transactions for Gojek users as well as Gojek merchants themselves.

"In the past, SMEs only provided bank transfer and COD (cash on delivery) payment options, now with the technology we have implemented payments via credit card to virtual accounts can also be done," said Erwin.

Not only for partners who are members of the Gojek ecosystem, but other SMEs who run businesses independently can also take advantage of the technology developed by Midtrans. Even though its position is still part of Gojek, Midtrans has the freedom to create innovations and can be used by everyone.

Pandemic and supportive moves for SME

The pandemic situation automatically changes consumer behavior in general. Previously, people are accustomed to making transactions in cash, now the non-cash payment is increasingly rising in Indonesia. As a payment gateway platform, this situation allows their business to grow faster to be used by all SMEs.

"Obviously, we keep our main target, as an enabler for all SMEs included in the Gojek ecosystem. By creating innovations to technology to accelerate and facilitate their transactions," said Erwin.

Currently, there are around 20 services or products offered by Midtrans. This solution can of course be more comprehensive if it is integrated with Gojek and all the ecosystems that are included in it.

"One of which is launching the #MelajuBersamaGojek campaign which is a campaign launched during the pandemic. With the tools we offer to SMEs, one of which is the Selly application, it can be useful for around 120 thousand SME partners who join the Gojek ecosystem," Erwin said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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