TCASH is Officially Available for All Operators

This year to target 6-10 million of non-Telkomsel users

Marsya Nabila - 29 June 2018

TCASH is now officially available as an agnostic platform for all operators. From DailySocial observation, TCASH is started to open since earlier this month.

Since its introduction three years ago, TCASH has been applied the closed loop system limited to Telkomsel users. The strategy is expected to be able to help TCASH’s ambition in becoming Indonesia’s biggest e-money player in terms of total users.

“Technically it’s done [available for all operators]. Only the soft launching, there’s no announcement yet. We’ll have the official announcement earlier next month,” Danu Wicaksana, CEO of TCASH said to DailySocial, Fri (7/22).

Previously, he said, the company is targeting 40 million total users until the end of this year. About 15%-25% or 6-10 million of non-Telkomsel users are expected. Currently, TCASH has more than 24 million registered users all over Indonesia.

In terms of UI/UX, it’s no different with the TCASH app for Telkomsel users. After successful registration, users will be directed for migration from basic service to full service by filling out personal data and uploading the required document.

TCASH can be used for balance top-up, bill payment, donation, and transfer/withdrawal. The payment options are QR Code of NFC Sticker. In addition, TCASH is now available for transportation payment, including Blue Bird in Jakarta, Railink in Medan, and Trans Semarang.

In need for independency

While has already become platform for all operators, for the timee being Indosat Ooredoo has no interest for a strategic partnership with TCASH. It is due to independence issue from Telkomsel. However, the company allows its customers to register as TCASH users.

“For now, we have no interest to partner with TCASH despite the declaration as an agnostic e-money platform. We’re still observing their independence from Telkomsel Let the time decide,” Joy Wahjudi, CEO & President Director of Indosat, said, quoted from Indotelko.

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