Valadoo’s ex-CEO Joined Ruma

Prayogo Ryza - 27 May 2015

After his Valadoo was shut, Valadoo’s ex-CEO Jaka Wiradisuria finally jumped over to Ruma’s ship. There, at the company that focuses on managing tech-based entrepreneur network, he’ll be Head of New Product.

The death of Valadoo has forced everyone in it to move on and continue their career somewhere else, and the CEO wasn’t an exception. Based on his skills set and experience, Ruma trusts him on managing the ideas and planning their new products.

This was actually out of prediction. This is particularly because when being interviewed right after the shutting down of his Valadoo, Wiradisuria stated that he wouldn’t start a new startup in the near future. However, we do wish him all the best.

Best of Luck, Jaka Wiradisuria!

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