Vidio Aims for 30 Million Monthly Active Users to Intensify Additional Content

Trying to monetize business with subscription package

Kristin Siagian - 25 March 2019

A video streaming app, Vidio, aims for 30 million monthly active users / MAU during this year. The premium based additional content and partnership with telco become the current priorities to acquire new users.

"We're sure to exceed 30 million this year, because we've reached the milestones when Asian Games at 25 million (MAU). The download rate is unstable, but we're sure to achieve it when we expand to the new content," Vidio's CEO, Sutanto Hartono said, Friday (3/22).

Based on Sutanto's data, Vidio content has been watched for over 2.1 billion with 12.5 billion minutes total duration during last year.

"Our users are organic, not subscribers. This year we'll add more partnership with telco."

Vidio's Deputy CEO, Hermawan Sutanto added, Vidio's sport content is considered complete than the other video streaming players. From 21 free to air channel, mostly are sports.

"We can get the first position for sports channel because of last year's events which mostly exclusive. We can grow into 20 million MAU naturally without any partnership with other telco," he added.

Vidio has three kinds of services for users. First, there are 21 free-to-air local tv channels accessible for users. They also create in-house TV program live to complete the category.

Second, video on demand (VOD) consists of sinetron, films and series, news, sports, entertainment, music, and others. During September 2018 - February 2019, the most played content is sinetron (26.7%), films and series (17.9%), news (10.9%), sports (10.5%), and entertainment (9.6%).

Last, the subscription content (Vidio Premier) consists of international channels, such as sports, live TV, series, and films. It was launched on November 3rd, 2018. Sutanto's mouth still sealed regarding Vidio Premier's achievement.

In order to start the monetizing, Vidio starts to invest much for original content production this year. It's from the collaboration of two production houses, Sinemart and Screen Play Films.

In addition, he also said Vidio is on process to partner with telco for bundling with data plans. This strategy should acquire more subscriber at a time.

Currently, the subscription fees to enjoy all Vidio content costs Rp30 thousand to Rp50 thousand, or Rp10 thousand per day.

"The OTT challenge is to build the habit for subscribing a content, it doesn't exist. In the developed countries, this habit is getting formed for the OTT players finally provide valuable content. The serial content is intended for those who want to watch in shorter duration."

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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