[DSChoice] Ivenframe is in Fundraising Stage

Ivenframe (Yogyakarta) is aiming for $500,000

Randi Eka - 27 September 2019

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Ivenframe (Yogyakarta)

Vertical, Platform & Year of Founded: Event Ticketing, Website, 2013

Company Description

Ivenframe (formerly Loketics) is a tech company that focuses on entertainment and ticketing solution. They have three main products and services: event platform, ticketing management services, and e-ticketing solution. Ivenframe has an attractive traction in their platform, and the founder believes that entertainment industry is a big business in the future. Having a deal with entertainment industry as early as possible right now is the best choice due to current developing country like Indonesia.

In early 2018, they sold more than 40 thousand tickets to 21 thousand users and facilitated more than 250 events. Rebranding is accompanied by an expansion of the business model. They not only sell tickets but provide end-to-end facilities for event organizers. In addition to helping sell tickets online, Ivenframe also produces tickets, the committee team, gate-entry management, marketing, and advertising.


User GrowthMonthly Revenue
5000 per monthUS$7000


How much do you expect to raise?How much equity are you willing to give away for this round?

With the funding, they plan to expand their development team to provide solution for e-Ticketing Management Services (for MICE and big event) and e-ticketing solution (for attraction site).

Further Details


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