Nusantics Biotech Startup Secures Seed Funding from East Ventures

Recently released skincare products with clean beauty concept

Marsya Nabila - 24 March 2020

A startup in the genomic tech sector, Nusantics, announced seed funding from East Ventures at undisclosed value. The fresh money is to be channeled to accelerate the company's mission in leading the genome industry in Indonesia.

The startup was founded last year by Sharlini Eriza Putri (CEO), Vincent Kurniawan (COO), and Revata Utama (CTO). The three hold various backgrounds in academics, in the manufacture, FMCG, clean energy, aerospace, and biotechnology.

They believe in the science of biology, especially the microbiome, as one of the most essential parts of working a sustainable solution to human problems.

As a tech-based startup, Nusantics focused on the development of the implementation of various genome and microbiome research to fulfill a sustainable and healthy lifestyle demand.

Microbiomes are complex ecosystems consisting of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, to fungi that live on the surface and in the bodies of all living things, including humans. Every person has a unique microbiome profile that plays an important role in their immune system.

"Consumers can avoid mistakes in using skincare products if they understand the profile of their respective skin microbiomes. This is the solution provided by Nusantics," Nusantics' Co-Founder and CEO Sharlini Eriza Putri said in an official statement, Friday (3/20).

With a specialization in microbiomes, Nusantics conducts skin analysis to help industry and consumers consider the impact of each of their decisions on the health and sustainability of nature. This is claimed to be a new approach that was previously carried out for consumers in the lifestyle industry.

Sharlini explained, in various studies in the field of genomics showing healthy skin is skin that has diverse and balanced microbiomes. However, limited knowledge about the role of microbiome balance makes it difficult for consumers to find skincare products that are suitable for their individual needs.

Nusantics alone has released skincare products with the concept of clean beauty without adding dangerous products. The product range starts with facial cleanser, essence, face oil, serum, and balm. These products are sold online through various e-commerce platforms.

As estimated, according to the Nielsen and Euromonitor report titled Beauty Market Survey, the market value of the beauty industry in Indonesia reached Rp36 trillion in 2018. About 31.7% of that value came from skincare products.

Nusantics' Co-Founder and CTO, Revata Utama ensures that skin problems are only a part of life aspects, the solution of which can be found by genomics and microbiome technology.

"I witnessed myself how this technology can help solve the various problems we face in the world. We work closely with the best scientists from within and outside the country, and ensure that the most sophisticated genomics research tools are available and can be implemented immediately," Revata added.

East Ventures' partner Melisa Irene added, more and more people are increasingly aware of the importance of well-being and holistic health. She said the quality of the Indonesian nation will develop with the availability of health inspection facilities that are affordable, accurate, and easily accessible.

"The Nusantics team has a mindset, character, and capability to introduce the positive impact of technology around the microbiome to the wider community. We are very enthusiastic about working with them," she continued.

This is not East Ventures' first portfolio in wellness concept company, they previously invest in Base offering beauty and wellness products. In addition, there is also Newman’s digital health clinic specifically targeting hair care products for men. This startup enters the W20 batch in Y Combinator.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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